Working with a range of sectors

One Step Translation (OST) provide language services to, Government Organisations, Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), HM Courts and Tribunals Service, Solicitor firms, Legal, Medical, Council, Individuals, and Private Businesses all over United Kingdom.

At One Step Translation (OST) we are providing language services to government organisations, courts, solicitor firms, individuals, and private businesses all over United Kingdom.


  • Government Services
  • Legal Services
  • NHS/Medical Services
  • Private Businesses
  • Media
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Individuals

As a language provider we know the importance of being familiar with different terminologies using in different settings for instance medical and or legal settings. There are various of critical terms for example:

Multi-word terms

Terms that consist of more than one word for instance in medical setting Down Syndrome or legal setting legal aid.

Affixed terms

A word with an added prefix or suffix like self-quarantine.


Names after whom the discovery is termed, for instance Alzheimer’s disease.


The usage of multiple words to describe the same term, for instance in legal setting, tribunal, and court.


An abbreviation formed from the first letter of each word in a phrase or title such as AIDS or HIV in medical setting and CPS in legal setting.


A single word meaning multiple things, for instance fine, can be positive such as I am fine meaning feeling good, and can be negative, such as I got fine, meaning I got charged to pay something. Another legal example could be sentence, which is significantly used in courts and hearings and that is the punishment assigned to the person found guilty by a court.