Polish Translation Services

Polish Translation Services

One Step Translation Agency is providing you professional Polish translation services and oral consecutive and simultaneous translation . For our customers we perform technical translation , legal translation , medical translation , literary translation , IT translation .

Our translation agency performs both a translation into Polish by a native speaker , i.e. a specialist in a particular subject of translation, for whom Polish is a native language, and a translation from Polish by our specialist, who has a state diploma.

One of the activities of our company is a notarized Polish translation of documents : passport translation, translation of a customs declaration, translation of statutory documents . We notarize the translated documents. One Step Translation agency also offers its customers interpretation via Skype .


The final cost of a written Polish translation services depends on the terms of the order, the volume and subject of the text, its stylistic features.

The Polish language belongs to the West Slavic group of the Indo-European language family. Thus, the Polish language is related to the Czech and Slovak languages. Unlike most East Slavic languages, the West Slavic language group uses the Latin alphabet in writing, which leads to the use of additional auxiliary characters in writing and the combination of several letters to convey one character. Polish is the official language in the only country in the world – Poland. In neighboring countries, Polish is spoken by representatives of Polish minorities living along the borders of Poland. In total, about 40 million people speak Polish today.

Poland  is one of  United kingdom’s closest neighbors. Economic ties between the two countries are quite close. The document flow between the countries is also at a high level. For this reason, the translation of Polish customs declarations, Polish legal documents (statutes, founding documents), other official documents is a rather popular service provided by One Step Translation Agency. The translators of our translation agency will perform a professional translation from Polish into English and from English into Polish of texts of almost any complexity and volume within the most suitable time for our customer.


  • Polish technical translation: scientific and technical translation, translation of technical documentation, translation of instructions, translation of drawings, translation of specialized literature.
  • Polish notarized translation of documents: translation of a Polish passport, translation of a certificate, translation of a diploma, translation of a certificate, translation of a customs declaration, translation of an export declaration, translation of statutory documents, etc.
  • Polish legal translation: translation of articles of association, translation of a contract, translation of an agreement, translation of constituent documents, translation of accounting reports, translation of other legal documents, translation of bank statements.
  • Polish medical translation: translation of an extract from a medical history, translation of annotations for medicines, translation of instructions for diagnostic equipment, translation of special medical literature, translation of other medical documents.
  • Polish economic (financial) translation: translation of bank statements, translation of a customs declaration, translation of an export declaration, translation of an accounting report, translation of a cooperation agreement, translation of statutory documents, translation of other financial and economic documents.

Our translation agency  provides its customers with such type of services as oral Polish translation services, which includes both consecutive translation and simultaneous translation. Providing an interpreter in Polish for your negotiations, meetings, other events is our job, which we do professionally!.

A Polish translator from the One Step translation agency will help you build a bridge of understanding with your Polish partner.

Polish Translation Services