Medical Translation Services

Medical translation service is a very difficult and specific type of activity. Therefore, the provision of such a service should be carried out by professional translators. And we are ready to offer our medical translation services, because our highly qualified employees have the necessary knowledge in medicine and know the relevant terminology. After all, for medical translation  it is not enough just to know the language, it is also necessary to be well versed in medicine, since it is very important to correctly understand and interpret the text. Sometimes, a lot depends on this. Turning to us, you will receive a professional medical translation.

When is medical translation services required?

In the field of medicine, health care and pharmacology, many special terms, concepts, designations and definitions are used. Despite their relative consonance for different language groups, only high-quality translation of medical texts will provide a correct understanding of diagnoses and conclusions about the disease, annotations to medicines and treatment methods. Our translation agency of medical documents will help to state in a foreign language:

Medical translation services are always accompanied by the involvement of specialized experts and specialists in order to eliminate inaccuracies and errors. All this guarantees excellent quality when working with even the most complex documentation.

Translation of medical documents

Translation of documents related to medicine is necessary for consultations and therapeutic events abroad. Here we are talking about case histories, the results of clinical tests, medical reports, diagnoses, all kinds of information. Professional translation of such documents is mandatory for the treatment of serious illnesses in countries where the level of medical care is an order of magnitude higher than at home.

In addition, the field of medicine is not static, but develops along with other areas of science and technology. In this regard, new and repeated clinical examinations are constantly carried out, old medical equipment is improved and new medical equipment is invented, numerous master classes by leading medical specialists and specialized seminars are organized, and fresh materials are published in special journals. All this is connected with the exchange of a large amount of information necessary for the education and training of health workers and the improvement of the level of patient care.

Features of the translation of medical texts

Mistakes in the translation of medical texts are unacceptable; they can indeed have fatal consequences for human health. In addition, everyone has seen the so-called “medical handwriting”, which is often almost impossible to make out. In Azbuka, medical texts are handled exclusively by specialists with a second education in a medical specialty, or translators who speak a foreign language and are employed in the field of medicine.

 Cost for the translation of medical documents

The exact cost of the service depends on the topic of the document and the language into which the text needs to be translated. The more popular the language, the lower the price of the service. So translation into English is the most accessible.

Urgent medical translation services are possible in our translation agency – processing more than 8 pages of text per day. The cost of such a service will be higher. All texts must be checked by a proofreader and editor. The quality does not suffer even in the case of prompt execution of the order.

If required, we will certify important documents by an accredited notary. This will take one business day. This service is paid separately. Even translated material can be certified by our seal.

With our online medical translation service, we provide medical translation services in your desired language, wherever you are in the world.

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Medical Translation Services