Divorce Certificate Translation

One Step Translation Agency performs divorce certificate translations with or without notarization. Translation is carried out, if necessary, within an hour.

We can translate an application for divorce, a prenuptial agreement or a notice of the date of divorce. We can also help with interpreting lawsuits. Officials often require official divorce certificate translations. We are able to provide an officially certified translation. We also cooperate with law firms that are looking for translation services at the request of the client. We can translate your foreign documents from Any language into English, from English into Any language, from Ukrainian into German, from English into German.

In United Kingdom, the decision on divorce is made by the court or the registry office. The document on termination of marriage is issued in the state language of the country where the divorce took place. If the certificate was obtained abroad, then for legalization in UK it will be required to have it notarized translation. It is required to  divorce certificate translation from Russian into English, German or other languages ​​for citizens doing business abroad, accepting an inheritance. Often the translation of a divorce document is ordered by women applying for a “bride visa” to various countries. You will also need a translation:

  • to obtain a residence permit or citizenship abroad;
  • to confirm the premarital surname;
  • when applying for long-term visas to a number of countries; 


Unfortunately, the dissolution of marriage has now become a common occurrence. Termination of marriage has become an important legal institution in family law, helping to prevent long-term tension and conflict in families. Life can bring a lot of unpredictability, so the parties need to legalize their divorce. They file a joint application to the registry office for divorce or get divorced by court order, in both cases a certificate of divorce is issued. Proper execution and translation of divorce certificates will allow you not to return to unpleasant memories and procedures in the future.




I can’t find my divorce certificate, I lost it. Is it possible to make a translation from a regular copy?
If we are talking about a simple translation, then we will do it, but if you need a notarized translation, you will have to get a duplicate in the registry office where you were issued the document and apply with it. The translation will indicate that the text was translated from a duplicate.

There is a word smeared with paint on the divorce certificate. I need a certified translation. How to be?
We can only translate the document. To notarize it, you must provide a duplicate from the registry office without errors, corrections in the text.

Is it somehow scary to leave the original divorce certificate in the bureau, what if it gets lost?
You do not need to leave the original documents when ordering a translation. You show the original, we make a copy of it, and then we work with it.


Divorce Certificate Translation