Death Certificate Translation

Translation of a death certificate is most often required if necessary: ​​to resolve issues of obtaining an inheritance, to issue consent for the child or children to travel abroad, for the repatriation of the deceased, and in other similar situations.
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A death certificate  is a legal document that certifies the death of a person and is issued by registry offices. This document can be obtained at the place of residence or place of death of the deceased. 

Other marks may be present on the form, for example, an apostille. For this reason, they must not be laminated.

Death certificates issued in the Union of United Kingdom is also subject to translation. At that time, certificates were filled out in English and the national language of the UK, and were also issued on a single form.

How to translate a death certificate?
When translating death certificates, it is necessary to transfer all information as accurately as possible, including all seals, signatures, proper names, apostilles, etc. It is necessary to pay attention not only to the front, but also to the back of the document.

When is a death certificate translation required?

Death certificate translation may be needed when registering an inheritance abroad, when repatriating the deceased, as well as in the case of various monetary transactions


A death certificate refers to this type of document, where it is very important not only to translate the text itself, but also to accurately record the name, surname and other individual data in accordance with other personal documents in order to prevent discrepancies between them. In addition, much attention should be paid to the design of the translation – in this regard, it must fully comply with the original.

In most cases, the organization provides a death certificate translation, which is certified, since such a document has legal force. Depending on the current rules in the particular organization where the translation is provided, it can be filed with the original certificate or its copy.
Most often, citizens order the translation of a death certificate from Russian into English, as well as from other languages into English.


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Death certificate translation