Certificate Translation Services

A translator typically transfers a written and or spoken text from one language into another. This process could be defined as converting an original or sources text into the target language. In a translated version everything should be kept as close as possible to the original sourced text, with similar font, colour and sentence structure. A document can be translated for various of proposes for instance, passport translation could be required for travelling, educational or working proposes or etc. The certificate translation documents can be listed as:

Our Certificate Translations are:

  • Officially & fully certified
  • Fully authenticated
  • Recognised by government organisations, Home Office, NHS, HM Courts and Tribunals services, and etc.
  • Accompanied by a cover letter & official stamp
  • Translated & Certified within 1-2 working days


Let us know your requirements and we will allocate the most suitable translator and advise you the fee. Should you wish to proceed, book your translator online or send your enquiry to booking@onesteptranslation.co.uk or give a member of our team a call.